Spiral Gravity Groan Tube

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Introducing the Spiral Gravity Groan Tube – the 40 cm tube that’s here to take your boredom and turn it upside down, quite literally! This groovy tube features a mesmerizing rainbow ombre effect that glides gracefully as you flip it. And guess what? It’s got a weight that scampers from one end to the other, creating a symphony of groans as you twist and turn it around. It’s like having your very own gravity-powered DJ! Get ready for endless hours of entertainment and auditory satisfaction with the Spiral Gravity Groan Tube. Warning: Side effects may include uncontrollable giggles and addiction to groaning sounds!

  • 40 cm tube
  • Features rainbow ombre effect down the tube with a weight that runs from end to end as its turned
  • Tube makes a distinct ‘groan’ sound when turned upside down in either direction