Slam Dunk Basketball Laundry Basket

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The Slam Dunk Laundry Basket encourages you to pick your dirty clothes up off the floor to score!

Wrap your dirty laundry into a ball and score points as you shoot hoops with your dirty socks and other stray clothing!

Your net hangs conveniently over your bedroom door using hooks that are connected to the backboard. Lift it off when it's ready for washing!

The extra-large net means there's plenty of room to shoot yesterday's undies from the floor to your door with nothing but net!

Includes 1 x Basketball style net laundry holder with over-the-door backboard hook that's suitable for any standard sized door.

Your hanging hamper net holds up to 4.5kg of dirty laundry, what a great gift for NBL fans!

Dimensions of backboard: 40cm wide x 30cm high (diameter of ring 28cm). Approximate length of net 75cm.