NoStik- Omelet Liner

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Why struggle to scrub and clean your dirty pans every time after you bake when you can have more convenience by using the Nostik Non-stick Omelette Liner!

With its superb non-stick coating, rest assured that your omelets, pancakes or even crepes won't stick to your pan anymore. You also save cost on needing to put butter or other fats on the pan and you can reuse it again and again!


  • Non-stick coating so your baked goods won't stick 
  • An easy and healthy way to cook filled or folded omelets or crepes/eggs over-easy and pancakes. 
  • Non-stick liner for your fry pan requiring no extra oil or butter for cooking.
  • Made from fiberglass material
  • Reusable again and again. 
  • Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Side handles allow flipping food with ease.
  • Waste-free and economical
  • Measures 24cm
  • Handwash recommended