Kamini Incense 8 Stick Packs
Kamini Incense 8 Stick Packs Kamini Incense 8 Stick Packs Kamini Incense 8 Stick Packs

Beautiful fragrances scenting your world. Hand Rolled in India. 8 sticks per packet.

Incense sticks can be found in households all over the world and have been used by humanity for over 10,000 years. Traditionally they were used during ceremonies but are now a common household item and are often used in meditation, yoga and as a relaxant.

White Sage -A purifying scent said to absorb negative energy and misfortune. Used for cleansing.

Lavender -Used as a purifying and soothing fragrance - relaxation and meditation

Rose & Musk - A delicious combination of two classic scents creating an enchanting aromatic experience.

Nag Champa - This famous scent with its sweet yet earthy fragrance is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere and for use while meditating.

White Musk - Enjoy this alluring, seductive and attractive fragrance.

Romantic Rose - A sensual and seductive scent popular with lovers since time immemorial

Musk - A man made version of the classic scent popular since ancient times and used and used as an aphrodisiac

Aphrodisia - An alluring sensual scent awaken passion and create a romantic atmosphere. Let this warm and seductive scent inspire some love and magic in your life. 
Poison - An intoxicating fragrance to hypnotize and captivate your senses.

Treasure Chest - A calming fragrance with hints of the ocean.

Tranquility - A calming fragrance hand made using aromatic resins, flowers, and oils. Use this scent to create and atmosphere conductive for contemplation and relaxation.

Opium - A sophisticated and popular designer fragrance associated with sensuality.

Citronella - A pleasant smelling oil, which being a natural insect repellent is perfect for keeping bugs at bay.

Patchouli - A popular fragrance since ancient time is an aphrodisiac. It came back into vogue in the 60s and continues to be very popular.

Vanilla - Vanilla with its strong sweet notes will spice up your living environment.

Aloe Vera - Enjoy, soothing and herbal fragrance.