It's Not How Good You Are Book
It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be is a handbook of how to succeed in the world: a pocket bible for the talented and timid alike, to help make the unthinkable, thinkable and the impossible, possible.

The world's top advertising guru, Paul Arden, offers up his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity - all endeavours that can be applied to aspects of modern life.

This uplifting and humorous little book provides a unique insight into the world of advertising and is a quirky compilation of quotes, facts, pictures, wit and wisdom - all packed into easy-to-digest, bite-sized spreads. If you want to succeed in life or business, this book is a must.

  • A concise guide to making the most of yourself, by ad-man Paul Arden
  • Offers insights into the value of being fired and why it's often better to be wrong than to be right
  • An uplifting, humorous book, that gives original and logical answers to everyday questions