Hip Hop Homies Air Freshener


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These awesome Air Fresheners are here to keep your car smellin' fresh. These hip hop rapper air fresheners have answered your prayers requesting your favourite rapper/celebrity hangin' from your rear vision mirror. Really handy when your car has so much smoke you need oxygen. Perfect for rap and hiphop lovers. Fragrance lasts for 14+ days. Elastic hanger for securing freshener anywhere. Limited edition. 

Biggie: Ocean, Drizzy: Watermelon, Eazy E: Grape, Fetty: Grape, Ice Cube: Forest, JCole: Ocean
Kim: Strawberry, Kimmy: Grape, Kylie: Peach, NMD: Grape, Nicki: Strawberry, Pablo Jump: Grape
Pablo Bear: Peach, Pirate Yeezy Boost: Grape, Snoop: Grape, Tupac: Forest, 
Turtledove Yeezy Boost: Grape, Weezy: Forest, Wiz: Watermelon, YE: Ocean
Yeezy Season Bear: Watermelon