Donut Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle in a Tube 1000 Pieces

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The real challenge here is finishing the puzzle without eating one of the pieces!

This fun 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features 55 deliciously tasty looking donuts. There's classic favourites like a cruller, custard donut, churros, cinnamon, and original glaze. There's also some new faces to tempt you, like the kitty donut, donut cake pops and even one that's had a bit taken out!

You'll want to make sure there's donuts handy when you tackle this one, or your tummy will be grumbling. It's a fun gift for any donut lover that will look great framed on the wall when it's finished. 


  • Dimensions: 71 x  56 cms 
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Material: Gloss finish cardboard 
  • Please note: Frame not included