Dinosaur Grabber – 23-33cm

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Looking for a Jurassic way to grab things? Look no further than the Dinosaur Grabber! This dino-tastic gadget starts off at a modest 23 cm, but with a squeeze of the trigger, it magically expands to a whopping 33 cm. Watch in awe as the dinosaur’s mighty jaws snap shut around your desired item. It’s like having your very own prehistoric assistant! And to add some extra fun to the mix, we offer this grabber in not one, not two, but four assorted colors. Get ready to embark on a wild adventure with the Dinosaur Grabber!

  • 23 cm dinosaur grabber, expands out to 33 cm
  • Squeeze the trigger watch the dinosaur expand and grab an item in its mouth
  • 4 assorted colours - Please leave a comment for colour preference