Wooden Dachshund Oil Diffuser Air Freshener

Lunar Serpens
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These natural wood oil diffusers are made from real hardwood! They're sustainable and built to last. Each one comes with a 10ml bottle of Frangrant Oil. Lasts over 30 days, and can be reapplied and reused over and over. Simply apply a few drops of  fragrance oil to the diffuser and hang from your preferred location!!! After following the instructions. Great for the home or car. 


  • 1x Natural wood diffuser with elastic band
  • 1x 10ml fragrance oil (Randomly allocated to each order. Or please specify in notes upon checkout if you would like a specific fragrance) - Strawberry, Sandalwood, Pear Flower, Watermelon, Cold Ice, Vanilla.
  • 1x Ziplock plastic bag


  1. Remove wood diffuser and oil from box
  2. Insert diffuser into ziplock bag 
  3. Evenly apply 3-4 drops of oil across the diffuser
  4. Massage gently into wood
  5. Allow wood to soak for 6 hours. For best results leave over night
  6. Remove from ziplock bag and hang accordingly
  7. Color will turn a shade darker once oil is applied.