Why do we offer a choice in quality of essential oils?

Although many apparently different brands of essential oils are now available within Australia, with many variations in claims and guarantees, the fact is that almost without exception they are sourced from only a few importers. Hence there is little real variation in quality between brands, in many cases the label is the only distinguishing feature. Furthermore, it is an unfortunate fact that the majority of the oils sold within Australia are not actually pure. Often, these oils are purchased by the suppliers because the primary requirement is to limit cost, not to maximise quality or purity.

Because of this we saw the need to offer our customers a clearly stated choice between true quality and purity or cost effectiveness and to this end, at that time, we established two distinct ranges of essential oils. In 2017 a much more comprehensive organic essential oil range was introduced and from herein three ranges exist. We strongly advise that, before deciding which oils to purchase, you should carefully assess your personal needs with respect to the balance between purity, quality & cost.