Round Wooden Wall Hooks
Round Wooden Wall Hooks Round Wooden Wall Hooks
Mix and match these hooks with different sizes to create a unique and functional space useful to hang all your accessories, bathroom towels, hats, jackets and bags and much much more! Even the Leather Strap Mirrors! 
*Please note as these wooden hooks are made from natural timbers they will all vary slightly and add character to the look.* 
Small -  6.2cm Width x 6cm Depth (Dowel width 2.8cm)
Medium - 8cm Width x 6.7cm Depth (Dowel width 4cm) 
Large - 10cm Width x 8.3cm Depth (Dowel width 5cm)
(If you are wanting to hang a heavy item such as a round leather strap mirror, we suggest using wallmates (for plasterboard walls) or a dynabolt for (concrete walls) from any hardware store. (Your local hardware store will be able to recommend what to use).